They’re running faster than a late high speed train

Trying to cover up, find shelter from the rain

They know they’re doing this again, been here before

Now, they forgot just why and what they were running for

The storm is coming just as they’ve been told

Not unexpected, yet too hard to control

They take advantage of a prehistoric sense

They know the feeling when the atmosphere gets tense

They leave their weapons on the floor unloaded

And try to deal with tempers exploded

Want to connect the reptile state of mind

To that of grown up behavior, oh my

Who said it would be easy?

Good times are never guaranteed

Give time for reflections

And sometimes just leave it

They’re running faster, they’re almost losing breath

And as they’re struggling they’re slowly losing pace

As if somebody cried they make a halt

To look back, now is this worth the fall?

And suddenly their perfect imperfections

Become a matter of trust and trusted love

In stead of building the bridge as they walk over it

They see the ashes from all that they’ve burned down

Now is this really what they dreamed of?

Now is this really what they dreamed of?