Survival In the Milkyway

                            Lyt til nummeret her

Survival In the Milky Way

Tiny little tear drops filling the tub

Wash away and detox, never enough

Strings of memorabilia  keep coming up

How do you keep it going?

Black illuminations covering up

Lousy explanations, ready to drop

Humble revelations cheering you up

Solid and sound, surviving

Diamonds or rhine stones

Stick to the right material

Hyenas or rhinos

Call if you need me

Ride a shooting star and face the stunning

Survival in the Milky Way

Glow along the way and just keep running

Give it all away and live to (stay)

Vaporizing dreams are filling the air

Scrawny self esteems are everywhere

Oxygen and pleases, what do they care?

How do they keep it going?

Secular seductions, fruits hanging low

State of mass production, go with the flow

Pious interruptions, craving our souls

Solid and sound, surviving